Brad Randall
Just a simple, 18 year old guy who likes to laugh at stuff. Currently single but looking to change that. I like all types of music, watching sports, learning new things, getting to know new people, gaming here and there, and just having fun and enjoying life. :P In college working on my AA and eventually going to a university to study who-knows-what. Feel free to skype me: bradrand5. I'm always willing to talk to new people. :)

Personality Test

"You are a very unique, original, and poetic individual. You see the world as one big blur of mysteries and beauty. You don’t know if there is a God out there, but you try to always keep an open mind and open heart. You can never be sure on what the true meaning of life is, but you value imagination, love, and hope in THIS life. You are sometimes withdrawn or misunderstood, but usually you make an engaging and unconventional companion. "

Pretty damn close…

  -  31 March
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